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Jonathan Gold – Criminal Barrister

Jonathan Gold is a highly respected, specialist criminal barrister with over 7 years experience covering both the magistrates’ and crown courts, having represented clients in a vast array of cases, ranging from lengthy and complex trials in the crown court to traffic offences in the magistrates’ court. He has also conducted appeals and judicial review applications in the High Court and The Court of Appeal. Jonathan enjoys a busy practice, both

prosecuting and defending from his chambers in London and spends most of his week in court. At the same time, he prioritises his direct access clients and does his best to ensure that he is available to help them when they need him.


    Why a Barrister

    Quality Advocacy
    Like a solicitor, a barrister is a fully qualified lawyer. The advantage of the barrister is that the he or she is a highly-trained and experienced courtroom advocate, whose expertise is focused on a few specific areas of law. This facet is more important in criminal law than in any other area because the vast majority of cases end up in court so the quality of the advocate often has a huge impact on the outcome of the case.

    Less Expensive
    It may be a surprise to many that using a barrister directly will often be considerably cheaper than operating through a solicitor. Solicitors operate from law firms and their overheads are often considerably higher than those of the self-employed barrister. They are also less able to be flexible with their fees to suit the needs of your case. The barrister is typically able to set a fee structure which is tailor-made to the needs of your case.


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